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Founders Adiora Logistics


Founders Adiora Logistics

🎀 VTC Ruless

⚠️• These rules should always be followed if you are a Member of the VTC:

General requirements
  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Speak English or French at a decent and understandable level
  • Have a good knowledge of TruckersMP, its structure and and its rules
  • Respect the 📕ㅣserver-rules of the server discord
  1. 🔊 Mandatory vocal presence during convoys.
  2. 🎥 ​Prevent if you make a live (youtube, twitch... ) to all the people present on the voice.
  3. Show a minimum of activity in the discord
  4. 🥳 Congratulate if a user has been promoted in the staff in the channel 🥳ㅣcongratulations.
  5. Invest in the role you have chosen (Drivers Adiora, Expert Driver, Tractionnaire).
  6. It is strictly forbidden to divulge what happens internally.

⚠️Violation Policy
In case of violation of the rules, immediate measures will be taken by the Founders (warning, temporary kick, removal from the company, ban from the discord).

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